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Plan Your Estate

Take a proactive approach to estate planning

In your family, you’re the one people go to for guidance. You have the clear vision and compassion that friends and loved ones value. So what happens if something happens to you?

Ensure that your affairs are handled the way you see fit by doing effective estate planning now with the Gage-Michaels Law Firm.

You may already know that estate planning includes drafting a will that determines how your finances are handled when you pass away, but effective planning includes so much more than money.

You can form trusts to ensure your finances are handled well both before and after your death. You can choose a trusted friend or family member who will make health and financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. 

Taking the time to draft well-crafted documents with your attorney today will help ensure that your designations or will are not challenged in court. Most importantly, you can rest assured that your wishes will be the guiding force for your future.  

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Attorney Andrea Gage-Michaels can ensure your plan is updated and implemented fairly.

Gage Michaels ELDER LAW firm

Facing Divorce? We can help you!

Starting Over at 50 After Divorce?

Going through a divorce after the age of 50 can be overwhelming. You’ve built a life with your spouse and probably been together for a long time. This is a highly complex situation, and you deserve to have a dedicated and experienced advocate on your side. 

Whether you have questions about divorce or need representation in your divorce in Green Bay, Wisconsin, our experienced and compassionate divorce attorneys can help. Contact Gage-Michaels Law Firm to learn more about our legal services.

Gage Michaels ELDER LAW firm

Facing Divorce? We can help you!